Monday, October 31, 2011


Thanks to my buddy and fellow volunteer Mike, making movies is the new cool thing to do up here in northern Azerbaijan! It's a wonderful activity for the students. It forces them to be creative; they must create a script (in English) before Mike comes up to shoot it. What's more, because they are all so busy with school now, they really must plan ahead and work together to get the shoot done in the limited amount of time they have. Although Mike is the brains of the operation (and I am usually just getting in the way), we try and give the kids complete creative and logistical control. As you'll see in this film, they yet again did an amazing job!

Our lastest creation, in the spirit of Halloween (drum roll please)...ZOMBIES ATTACK!

Please share with others! Below is the Youtube link.

Pictures from the shoot:

Homemade Blood! (Water, Flour, Hot Cocoa Mix, and Red Dye)
Samira being Zombified
Our makeup artist Layla
The Zombie Divas
Scary right?! Too bad I got killed off first! (Still bitter about that)
The stars of the show! Will they survive the zombie apocalypse?!
The whole crew afterwards

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  1. LOL. I like how you were the first one to die. Do they not understand that being American/Canadian makes you invincible?? Mainly the American part but Canada helps too. They are there for moral support.

    -"We're American, because you're in America, okay? Greatest country on the planet."
    -"Well, what have you given the world apart from George Bush, Cheerios, and the ThighMaster?"
    -"Chinese food"
    -"That's from China"

    "The only easy day was yesterday."

    Lots of Love,