Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's Top Stories: Fresh bread...Oh Ya, And A Revolution in Egypt

My family watches the news often. At first, I was quite impressed. However, it seems as though very few occurrences in the past month have sparked any interest. Mubarak’s departure from office was met with about 5 seconds of attention. My host father mentioned it in passing as he flipped channels, as if it were no more important than Lindsey Lohan beginning another stint in rehab. I don’t mean to be judgmental, I just figured that such momentous events would be met with more interest, and dare I say, pride. The news seems to serve more as a noise filler than a source of information. Additionally, the more I watch the news and the more my language skills improve, the more I see how useless a lot of the news stations are. They are the same sensationalist crap that we are plagued with in the US. Car accidents and bank robberies are given as much coverage as the protests in Egypt and floods in Australia. It’s no surprise that the worst culprit of this is FOX Turkey!
Realistically, the greatest news source for my family is the sheet of newspaper that bread is wrapped in when it is bought at the store every morning. Honestly, after the bread is sliced, the paper is diligently read by the host family one at a time, regardless of the section of the newspaper or its publication date, which is usually quite old!

Students learning Thriller
My adopted school: Nizami
The best school in the region...also the oldest (it needs work)

Balqabaq Xengel (pumpkin dumplings) made by Trey's host family
Stephanie, Trey, and Trey's host family

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